North Carolina DATA SOURCES: A Quick Reference


This collection of quick links places North Carolina data sources at your fingertips for ready access. Use the link collection on the web page or download a PDF with additional resources, such as a reproducible for triangulation of data and a chart for recording multiple measures of data. [Source:]

How to interpret reports   [link]   
How to use reports to improve student progress  [link]
EVAAS Slideshow [link]
  • EOG / EOC Data [Reports of Supplemental Disaggregated State, School System (LEA) and School Performance Data]
  • Dropout Reports  [Counts and rates are disaggregated by LEA, grade, gender, and ethnicity.]
  • Disaggregated Reports [2013 is the last year data will be reported in a disaggregated format. Most of the disaggregated data found here is also available through the accountability reporting website.]
In 2012-13, new assessments were administered in all subject areas and grade levels. Retests were not administered.
  • ABCs  [Effective 2012-13, the READY Accountability Model replaced the ABCs of Public Education.]
  • Data Sets for READY Accountability Reporting    North Carolina provides this data set of district and school level data used in the READY Accountability Reporting website. Effective with 2012-13 reporting this data contains information on all accountability model indicators.  Data sets are in a text (tab delimited) format. After download, files can be imported into a database tool.
For data sets from 2012-13 and prior years that contain only End-of-Grade (EOG) and End-of-Course (EOC) data, please click here.
  • Teacher Working Conditions Survey [Link]
  • PDF Download of the links above, and more:



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