An Incredible Collection of High-Interest Internet Safety Sites for MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS

This incredible collection of Internet Safety resources for MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS is overflowing with some of the best simulations, video clip galleries, games, interactives, comics, and engaging content you can find on the Web! [Web sites move and change every day. If you discover a broken link, simply type the name of the Web site into your search engine and navigate to its new location.]

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There is no such thing as privacy online.  What you post today may one day be your resume.

Cyberbullying:  Fight It Together  (Digizen)  FLASH REQUIRED
An Online Game for Cyberbullying (Digizen)  FLASH REQUIRED
Emma's Story (Age 14):   “Cyberbullied by My Best Friend”  (CommonSense Media Video)
Stacey's Story (Age 15):  When Rumors Escalate and Threats Start  (CommonSense Media Video)
The High Price of Silence:  Bystanders STAND UP for the Victim and They Will Remember You Forever   FLASH REQUIRED
Check out what students are saying all across the world at Pacer Teens Against Bullying.
Do you know someone thinking about suicide?  Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline:     1-800-273-TALK
YOUR Digital Dossier?  Does it look like this? 
Clean Up Your Digital Footprint:   How to find potentially damaging information about yourself and get email alerts every time your name pops up online.
A Driver's Ed Model for Digital Citizenship App, by the University of Kentucky
For Girls Only:  Forward It  FLASH REQUIRED
Jo Cool or Jo Fool?  Take a CyberTour of twelve mock websites to test your surfing skills. FLASH REQUIRED
You’re a Special Agent and you lost your laptop.  Your mission is to make it through the game without losing another one. FLASH REQUIRED
GAME:   Beware of Spyware  FLASH REQUIRED
GAME:  Become agents on an intergalactic mission for earth  (Flash)
Nicole's Story (Age 11):   Copyrighting My Creative  Work (CommonSense Media Video)  
Brittney's Story (Age 14): “Posting Something I Regret”  (CommonSense Media Video)   
Henry's Story (Age 14):  Making Mashups  (CommonSense Media Video)
Henry's Story (Age 14):  Creating Online Identities (CommonSense Media Video)
Real-Life Stories  (NetSmartz)
Wi-Fi hotspots are nice, but they often aren’t secure.  Learn what you can do.
How much do you share information in a day?  The surprising truth.  
Your Face in a Sex Offender Database?  
Taking, sending or possessing a naked photo of someone under 18 - even yourself - can land you in the National Sex Offenders Database. According to North Carolina law, those caught may be sentenced to up to five years in prison, registered as a sex offender, and possibly required to maintain this registration for ten years -- or for the rest of his or her life.  Job opportunities, college applications, career choices -- all could be endangered by one irresponsible, impulsive act.   
The social repercussions can follow someone forever, such as being ridiculed, excluded or harassed.... because see how easy it is to look up someone in the sex offender database


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