An Incredible Collection of High-Interest Internet Safety Sites for Grades K-5

This incredible collection of Internet Safety resources for ELEMENTARY STUDENTS is overflowing with some of the best simulations, video clip galleries, games, interactives, comics, and engaging content you can find on the Web! [Web sites move and change every day. If you discover a broken link, simply type the name of the Web site into your search engine and navigate to its new location.]

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Grades K-2
NetSmartzKids: Movies with Animated Characters (Ages 5-10)
Professor Garfield:  Use WATCH, TRY, APPLY 
The Birthday Surprise at NetSmartz  
Bad Guy Patrol      
Clicky’s Quest, by NetSmartz
Privacy Pirates:  What to Keep Private and What to Share?    
Write stories with Storybird and practice proper commenting techniques by leaving comments on a friend’s story.

Grades 3-5

The Carnagie CyberAcademy uses missions to teach cadets about spam, protecting personal information, identifying Website dangers, and cyberbullying. 
Check out DIGITAL PASSPORT™, Common Sense Media’s award-winning suite of engaging videos, fun games, and collaborative classroom activities.
Great Discussion Starter About 3 Groups of People Online:  "Those You Know"  |  "Those You Kinda Know"  |  "Those You DON'T Know"
Safety Land:  Travel through the city and capture the bad guys with Captain Broadband.
The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs:  Privacy Playground  (ages 8-10)
The Second Adventure of the Three CyberPigs:  A CyberSense and Nonsense Game  (ages 8-10)
Use Schoology to learn how to blog, comment and use discussion forums.
The High Price of Silence:  Bystanders, STAND UP for the Victim and They Will Remember You Forever
Amaya's Story (Age 11)  "Using Cell Phones" (CommonSense Media Video)  
Eva's Story (Age 11):  “When Our Messages Spread”  (CommonSense Media Video)  
Comic Book Themed Videos by NetSmartz (Ages 8-12)
How do you SHARE online?  Watch this.
Learn Tricks to Protect Yourself Online
Do you know someone thinking about suicide?  Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline:     1-800-273-TALK

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