High-Voltage Vocabulary for Students

Students, lose that long list of copied definitions and use this proven approach to OVERPOWER words that trip your circuits. Take each word through these five steps of fun with technology tools. By the time you finish Step 5 you should have the word stored in long-term memory. It is no surprise that the way to score well on the Verbal SAT is to have a large vocabulary, but do you know there is a positive connection between the size of your vocabulary and your future money-making potential? If you don't build your vocabulary, who will?

1.  Find it.  Read it.  Teach it.

Look up the definition and hear the pronunciation for your word in an online Dictionary.
Search for your word in the VisuWords Online Graphical Dictionary.  
Hover over a circle to read the definition.  Double-click a circle to expand the network.  
Click and drag the background to move around.
Teach the definition to a friend.

2.   Type it.  Listen to it.

Ask a friend to read the definition while you type it into SitePal’s Text-to-Speech widget [or Natural Reader].  
Click “SAY IT” [or the PLAY button] to listen to the definition.  Have fun with the different voices and special effects.
Delete the definition you typed into SitePal’s Text-to-Speech widget [or Natural Reader], and then
retype the definition in your own words.  
Make the widget “SAY IT” for a friend [or PLAY IT with Natural Reader].
SitePal’s Text-to-Speech Widget   [Requires Flash]
Natural Reader   [Does not require Flash]

3.   Compare it.

Ask four people to tell you the definition for the term you are studying. 
Let them “guess” if they don’t know its meaning.
Use Padlet to post the four definitions on four different sticky notes.  Build a wall,
and then double click on the wall to add a new sticky note.  Compare the definitions.
Who wins the prize for the definition that most closely matches the correct meaning of the word?

4.   Draw it.

Use your favorite drawing program to create a graphic 
(a visual representation) of the term.  Work individually or with a partner.
SketchPad   [for Tablets or Desktops]
Tiny Pop ArtPad  [Scroll down and click the RED play button.]
PAPER  [A free Apple Drawing App to download]
Bamboo Paper  [A free Google Play App to download]

5.   Storyboard it.

Use Storyboard That to incorporate your term into a set of sequential drawings to tell a short story.  
There is no need to log in.  Simply find the button for CREATE A STORYBOARD and tell your story.



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