Cranial Concoctions: An Outrageously FUN Collection of 100+ Free Online Tools

Make vital Common Core connections for every research and digital media standard through the use of group brainstorming tools, visual thinking maps, student response systems, movie-makers, cartoon creators, geo-located interactive timelines, augmented reality platforms, QR code campaigns, photo editors, infographic generators, and more! This fabulous collection of 100 Web tools can help you recode new learning, or change the packaging of information from the one in which it is delivered. It is all about RECODING, not regurgitating facts. This process of recoding helps to consolidate new information into memory.

Harness the power of digital media to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and to engage yourself with 1) multiple means of representation, 2) multiple means of expression, and 3) multiple means of engagement.

Web Tools are organized into four main sections: PLAN AHEAD / BECOME AN EXPERT / CREATE AMAZING PRODUCTS / GET SOCIAL

Plan Ahead:  Brainstorm and Organize Ideas

 - Tricider:  Incredibly EASY Decision Making with Social Voting

- Trello:  Organize Anything, Together
- WebWhiteboard:  The Simplest Collaborative Whiteboard Ever

 - Padlet:  Virtual Board with Sticky Notes

 - Storyboard That:  Create a Storyboard to Brainstorm Ideas


- Linoit - Virtual Sticky Notes

 - Intel's Thinking Tools:  Create Visual Thinking Maps to Organize or Rank Ideas

- Answer Garden - Online Brainstorming, Polling, Guestbook, etc.

- Signup Sheet Creator

- NoteTaker (Evernote)

- 52 Interesting Ways to Use WORDLE in the Classroom

- LiveBinder

- VisuWords

- Dictionary Links

- Symbaloo: Organize and Share the Best of the Web

- Socrative: This Smart Student Response System Uses Any Device!

 - Poll Everywhere:  Instant Audience Feedback

- InfuseLearning:  Student Response Suite

 - The Noun Project: Icons for Every Known Noun

- Three Tools Teams Can Use for Organizing, Connecting, and Brainstorming Ideas for Research Projects

Become an Expert:  Gather Relevant Information from Multiple Sources

- SAS Curriculum Pathways:  Use the Search Box to Find Incredible Interactives on Your Topic

 - WatchKNOWLearn:  Free K-12 Educational Videos

- Seriously Amazing:  The Smithsonian 

- Digital Public Library of America

- Flocabulary

 - Backpack Practice:  Pick a Topic and Start Practicing Out LOUD  [Use the Chrome Browser]

- North Carolina WiseOwl:  NC passwords may be obtained from school or system-level media and/or technology personnel.

 - 3D Toad:  Zoom and Rotate Educational Images 360 Degrees

- Diigo

- Digital Vaults | National Archives | Build Your Own Collections

 - EdHeads:  Disgustingly Realistic Surgeries, Car Crashed, and More

 - Knowmia:  Educational Videos on 1000s of Lessons for Every Subject

 - History Engine:  Be a Historian

 - Encyclopedia:  Free Research Library Including Medical, Computer, and Science Encyclopedias

 - Info Please:  Providing Answers to All Kinds of Questions

- Game Templates and Instructions [Family Feud, Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc.]

- MORE Game Templates and Board Games from Murray County

Create Amazing Products:  Produce and Publish

- WIX:  Create Free Stunning Web Sites

- Smore: Design Beautiful Online Flyers and Publish INSTANTLY

- HumanLine: Royalty-Free Images

- ThingLink: Make Your Images Interactive

 - Inklewriter:  Tools to Help Writers Tell Interactive Tales

-  Create Infographics

 -  Create Interactive Infographics

- FlipSnack: Convert PDF Files into an Online Flipping Book

 - WeVideo:  Video Creation

- Make Internet TV

- Make a Video

- Cartoonster

 - PowToon:  Create Animated Videos and Presentations

- Animoto

- Movie-Making Tool, Etranormal

 - Biteslide: Create Online Slidebooks

 - HelloSlide:  Add Voice or Narration to Your Slides

- Big Huge Labs - You Can Make Anything Here!

- Psykopaint

 - PicMonkey:  Incredibly FUN Photo Editing

- Aviary - Photo Editing

- iPiccy:  Online Photo Editor

 - Meograph:  Four-Dimensional Storytelling

- KERPOOF! Use Technology to Produce and Publish Writing
- Online Etch-a-Sketch
- Pixlr Photo Editing

- MusicShake Edu:  Unlimited Copyright-Free Music for Your School - Created by Students

- World Music, National Geographic
- Lego Digital Designer
- Publish Books at Lulu
- Publish Books at Red Staple Books
- ZooBurst - Create Your Own 3D Popup Books
- Comic Creator

- Make Beliefs Comix:  Multilingual Comic Strip Creator

- Book Cover Creator

- Delivr: Create, Manage and Track Offline-to-Online Campaigns Using Short URLs, QR Codes and NFC Tags

 - AURASMA App:  Augmented Reality Platform

Get Social:  Interact and Collaborate with Others

- Today's Meet:  Set Up Your Online Meeting Room in Seconds

 - Tricider:  Incredibly EASY Decision Making with Social Voting

- marQueed:  Collaborative, Web-based Platform for Individuals or Groups to Annotate Images
- The Learnia:  An Educational Social Learning Network

- Wiggio - Work in Groups

- InfuseLearning:  Student Response Suite

 - Learnist:  Share What You Know

 - MyHistro:  Geo-Located Interactive Timelines with a Social Twist

- Three Tools Teams Can Use for Organizing, Connecting, and Brainstorming Ideas for Research Projects

 - Trello:  Organize Anything, Together

 - Google Drive

 - Pinterest: Connect, Collaborate, and Share Mutual Interests


 - Greg Swanson's HUMONGOUS List of Web 2.0 Tools Organized by Task


Common Core Connections: Research and media skills are blended into the Standards as a whole. To be ready for college, workforce training, and life in a technological society, students need the ability to gather, comprehend, evaluate, synthesize, and report on information and ideas, to conduct original research in order to answer questions or solve problems, and to analyze and create a high volume and extensive range of print and nonprint texts in media forms old and new. The need to conduct research and to produce and consume media is embedded into every aspect of today's curriculum. In like fashion, research and media skills and understandings are embedded throughout the Standards rather than treated in a separate section.

Many of these sites may or may not include links to advertisements or other material containing inappropriate content. As leaders and role models in the classroom, it is our responsibility to preview web sites prior to student access and to demonstrate leadership - online and off.

We do our best to screen all links and select only those we designate as appropriate. However, we do not operate or control the content found on such third-party sites, so we are not always aware when this content changes. If you discover a link that contains inappropriate information or a link that is broken, please contact us immediately.

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