Open up one of these interactive files on your white board, mobile device, or computer and hover over hotspots that lead to fascinating sites, animations, video clips, and other learning material. For example, move your cursor over over the thought bubbles in Teachley's Amazing Talking Brain for brain-based strategies that yield dramatic results in the classroom. With a solid grounding in the science of learning, PODLS content can help strengthen the basic cognitive, social, and emotional abilities essential to learning. Check back with us. This collection will be expanding with Caves of the Code Breakers, an Interactive Journey to Uncover Your Personal Learning Code, and Super Cells, a severe weather center where students can become storm chasers and use spreadsheets to analyze weather data.

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Preview - Teachleys Amazing Talking Brain

Teachley's Amazing Talking Brain

Interactive by Content: Donna Sawyer, Artist: Judy Monroe

What if you could hear your students' brains talk? What would they say? Find out with Teachley's Amazing Talking Brain. Simply roll over a thought balloon to learn powerful strategies from the field of brain research.