Portable On-Demand Learning Strategies

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Gateways to Evidence - Preview

Gateways to Evidence on Proven Programs

Printable by Donna Sawyer

Before spending a dime of your school's money, review these free online gateways to study the characteristics of technology uses that research indicates are producing significant results.

Have you Heard - Preview

Literacy and Technology: 'Have you Heard?' Trading Cards

Printable by Donna Sawyer

Use "Have You Heard?" trading cards as an icebreaker to expose teachers to a variety of free online tools for using technology and digital media to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language activities in the classroom.

Tremendous Technology Ideas - Preview

Tremendous Technology Integration Ideas

Printable by Donna Sawyer

No time to waste. Get results fast with this quick reference to some of the best technology integration ideas online today.