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7 Steps Resource Collection THUMB

7 Steps: A Resource Collection for Step #1

Web Savor by Donna Sawyer

This resource collection provides support, tools, strategies, and research for educators participating in the series of training events called "7 Steps: A Road Trip to Radically Raise Test Scores with Technology-Rich, Proven Practices." Participants explore PROVEN principles, practices, and assessments that have the BEST chance of prompting an immediate and unprecedented effect on learning results for students performing below basic level. For more information about this professional development, email Info@PODLS.com.

Internet Safety Sample

Internet Safety Education Planning for Leadership Teams

Workshop by Donna Sawyer

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Pull together your leadership team and plan a comprehensive Internet Safety Education Curriculum while helping teachers embed technology standards into the Common Core utilizing FREE high-quality online teaching and learning resources. It's not about Erate. It's about child development. Contact Us to learn more about scheduling a workshop for your organization.

Teaching in a 21st Century Classroom: 7 Things Every Student Should Know

Workshop by Donna Sawyer

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Technology changes daily and it is almost impossible to keep up with it, much less know how to guide youngsters who live in the thick of it. Join other educators for a day of thought-provoking, engaging multimedia experiences and learn more about topics like,

  • Seven Sample Scripts Teachers can Modify for Class Discussion
  • Permanent Virtual Ink and a Student's Reputation
  • Tricks, Scams, and Thieves: What Everyone Needs to Know
  • What Your Students Keep Secret About Cyberbullying
  • 10 Ways You're Not As Private As You Think
  • Holding Kids Accountable for Online Behavior
  • Training Kids to Spot a Predator
  • Access to tons of Free, High-Quality Online Games, Tools, and Apps
Contact Us to learn more about scheduling a workshop for your organization.

Wall size chart IMAGE

Wall-Size Data Team FOCUS Chart [36 x 48 inches]

Printable by Donna Sawyer

This PDF is pre-formatted for printing a 36" x 48" larger-than-life data team FOCUS chart at STAPLES. An oversized chart makes learning visible as data teams pinpoint each learning destination, map the instructional path, apply high-yield strategies, align digital learning tools, and chart results from common assessments.