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Multiplayer Games and Simulations - Preview

Multiplayer Games and Simulations

Printable by Donna Sawyer

This is SERIOUS PLAY! Download a chart of free online multiplayer games and simulations where students can work collaboratively on missions to the moon, live among a pack of wolves, participate in government, or travel back in history to interact with other cultures. Drawing on research from around the world, Daniel Pink outlines the fundamentally human abilities that are essentials for professional and personal success. Creative play is one of the key essentials of the Conceptual Age. Even Albert Einstein remarked, "Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought."

7 Conversations Thumb

Youth & Technology: 7 Conversations Every Child Needs to Have With An Adult They Respect

Printable by Donna Sawyer

This 27-page guide, with 7 five-minute "scripts" for conversations to have with kids, can literally alter the course of your child's behavior online - for the better. Absolutely no computer experience is necessary for using a script. Draw upon your unique parenting style and personality to adapt the information to fit the needs of the child. These conversations can take place in the car, while washing dishes, or at bedtime. Each "script" comes bundled with quick links to matching video clips, interactive simulations, and additional information for adults like, "The Top 15 Scams Used by Thieves,"10 Ways You're Not As Private As You Think," and "Editor's Choice Parental Control Tools." While this resource is a tremendous timesaver, it accomplishes something far more important by sending the message to kids, "You may know more than I do about technology, but I know more about life and the consequences of your actions. I am responsible for you and that is the most important job I will ever have." This eBook promotes open communication and generates deep, meaningful discussion about the serious UNSPOKEN issues faced by kids 24/7 in a digital world. When we fail to recognize and understand widely accepted online behaviors among youth, we lack credibility--and that is one of the biggest mistakes we can make. You can avoid making that mistake with one simple download of "7 Conversations Every Child Needs to Have."