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Seriously Amazing

Seriously Amazing Online Content to Grab Students' Attention

Web Savor by Donna Sawyer

Use this collection of seriously amazing online content to make students THIRSTY to learn more so that you can set the hook and reel them in to the lesson! Tap into the "out of the ordinary" to stimulate curiosity, focus attention, and set the stage for learning.

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7 Stupendous Back-to-School DAZE Resources

Printable by Donna Sawyer

It is back-to-school time for you, so hit the ground running with 7 power-packed online resources for EVERYTHING you need to get learning in gear. Grab this one-page quick reference for quick links to hilarious group games that break the ice, 101 things you can do the first three weeks of class, 8 ways to save money on classroom supplies, and TONS more! Crack open this PODL today!

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18 Ways to Boost Literacy Activities Using Cool Online Tools

Web Savor by Donna Sawyer

Check out this FUN variety of free online tools that can serve as icebreakers or as technology-rich reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language activities in the classroom. Students can use these sites to create multimedia-rich, interactive timelines from novels and stories or generate "nonlinguistic representations" for critical vocabulary words. Uncover thinking guides, graphic organizers, photobooks, moviemakers, realistic online journals, comic book creators, and more to put a little ZING in literacy!

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Icebreaker: Compare / Contrast

Printable by Donna Sawyer

This icebreaker warms up small groups as they compare and contrast the lesson's key concepts and enduring understandings. The activity employs synectics for promoting creative thinking and provides productive processing time, which is essential if we expect learners to make meaning out of new information.

Trade Trade Cards NC WiseOWL - Preview

Trade-Trade-Chat Cards for NC WiseOwl

Printable by Donna Sawyer

Get North Carolina educators up and moving with an icebreaker that guarantees 100% participation and reinforces important background information about NC WiseOwl. NC students can use the resources in WiseOwl for gathering, evaluating, and using information for research, project learning, solving problems and making informed decisions.

Have you Heard - Preview

Literacy and Technology: 'Have you Heard?' Trading Cards

Printable by Donna Sawyer

Use "Have You Heard?" trading cards as an icebreaker to expose teachers to a variety of free online tools for using technology and digital media to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language activities in the classroom.

Preview Global Trade-Trade Chat Cards

Global Trade-Trade-Chat Cards

Printable by Donna Sawyer

This is one of several PODLS that form a colossal Global Awareness Kit bursting at the seams with connections to the Common Core State Standards, quick and easy lesson ideas, activity cards, handouts, and engaging website collections.

Table Totem Poles - Preview

Use Table Totem Poles for Multiple Exposures to Details

Printable by Donna Sawyer

According to the research by Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock in their book, Classroom Instruction that Works, students should have systematic, multiple exposures to details at a deep enough level to understand and recall them. Students must be exposed to details at least three or four times within a two-day span before anyone can legitimately expect them to remember those details or use them in any meaningful way. Use Table Totem Poles to scaffold this process through small group work that sparks loads of laughter and learning.