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PODLS are research-based "Portable On-Demand Learning Strategies" that have been proven to motivate kids and accelerate learning.
PODLS turn complex research into ready-to-use practical strategies and quick references. Our resources are grounded in information drawn from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, child/adolescent development, and related fields about how brain functions affect performance.

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The PODL Profile

Know the Kids. Lose the Labels.

PODL Profile

All the teaching standards in the world will not work without a receptive learner, but with today's fast-paced academic calendar and testing demands who has time to know every student on a personal level?

This quick and easy set of free online tools can do the work for you by generating personalized reports of learner preferences and personality traits.

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6 Keys to Unlock Motivation

If ever there has been a silver bullet for breathing life into delivery of your curriculum, it can be found in SIX CRITICAL CONDITIONS.  Why?  These conditions zero in on some of the biggest problems teachers and students face every day: lack of motivation, apathy, and a student's inability to persist with complex tasks.  What are the six conditions and how can we apply them to increase achievement in the classroom?

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Literacy: 10 Tech Tools to Increase Fluency with Audio-Assisted Reading 

Research demonstrates that reading along with audio accelerates the reading fluency and comprehension of struggling readers.  Explore 10 free Web sites that can be used for increasing reading fluency with audio-assisted technology tools. Also, check out the list of classroom management tips and ideas.


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  • The PODL Profile Tools are ready for you to explore.   This set of free online tools generates personalized reports of your learner preferences and learning personality traits.  At the same time, PODL Profile reports can serve as evidence for an educator being evaluated on "making the content they teach engaging, relevant, and meaningful to students’ lives."  (North Carolina Educator Evaluation System, Standard IV)   

  • There are several Learning Guides available in the Learning Resources section and many more are on the way.
  • Check back with us!  We're new, but working hard to expand our resources.